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XREY™ Cut Resistant Yarn - The Future of Cut Resistance

Published:  May 2023

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Introducing the Revolutionary XREY™ Cut Resistant Yarn - The Future of Cut Resistance.


What sets XREY™ apart from other cut-resistant yarns is its unmatched strength-to-weight ratio enabling it to reach levels of extreme cut resistance without the need for glass, steel or any other added cut resistant fibres. This not only eliminates the chance of irritation from glass or steel breakout, but also makes the gloves more lightweight, more breathable and much more comfortable to wear from first use.

But that's not all. XREY™ is able to be spun into 15gg, 18gg or 21gg variants whilst still achieving high levels of cut resistance, allowing gloves to be produced in thinner variants, increasing dexterity and ultimately improving the safety and efficiency of end users. And since it doesn’t require glass or steel fibres, our gloves can be washed over and over again without a reduction in cut resistance, making them safer, more cost-effective and more sustainable.

Over the next few months you will see more and more XREY™ based products being released and other products upgraded to incorporate the new patented yarn. These products will have increased cut resistance without an increase in price. This follows our policy of continual improvement.

Here are some key benefits of XREY™  cut resistant yarn:

  • Unmatched strength-to-weight ratio – higher cut resistance without the need for other cut resistant fibres.
  • Eliminates the need for glass or steel fibres, removing the two most CO2 producing elements of a cut resistant glove.
  • Excellent flexibility from first use, improving worker usage and ultimate safety against cuts or lacerations
  • Excellent breathability for extended periods of use
  • Can be washed repeatedly without a reduction in cut resistance, improving safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability

XREY™ is a game-changer for our distributors improving levels of cut resistance without compromising on price structure, comfort, dexterity or sustainability. Please see a few initial XREY™ products and contact your account manager for more information and any samples of this new range.

Check out some of our new XREY™ products below: 

Kutlass® PU500+  &  PU500G+

These ISO cut level E gloves are knitted from a patented XREY™ yarn that provides one of the highest strength to weight ratio's available whilst also providing an incredibly high filament level for an extra smooth and comfortable hand experience. They're able to achieve extreme cut level E resistance without the need for steel or glass fibres making it irritation free and enabling the gloves to be washed up to 5x without the reduction in cut resistance*. Furthermore, the elimination of steel and glass, the two most CO2 producing elements of a cut resistant glove, ensures they have a much lower carbon footprint in comparison (CO2 figures awaiting confirmation from 3rd party testing house).

The palm is coated with a tough PU coating that offers considerable grip in dry environments whilst still providing good levels of durability and dexterity. Excellent breathability enables them to be worn for prolonged periods without the risk of overheating or excess perspiration

Ardant AirXD

18 Gauge, ultra-lightweight ISO Cut D with Micro foam Palm Coating. The Ardant-Air XD provides a new level of comfort, dexterity and protection in the next generation of cut protective hand protection. Consisting of an ultra lightweight 18 gauge XREY™ liner, it is one of the lightest weight cut protective gloves on the market weighing only 34 grams per pair. The Patented XREY™ yarn has one of the highest strength to weight ratio of any fabric on the planet and allows it to remove the need for any glass or steel within the liner - removing the chance of any irritation for the wearer as well as removing the most CO2 producing components of a cut resistant product. The palm consists of a highly durable micro foam palm coating that excels in dry, wet or oily applications whilst allowing the glove to remain one of the most dextrous gloves on the market with a fingertip thickness of just 0.66mmThe RTC™ strengthens the glove in an inherently weak area which can extend the life of the glove by up to 30%.Touch screen additive has been added to the coating for full touch screen versatility


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