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PPE Selection Guide PPE-Selection-Guide

The correct selection of PPE can be a complex process when first approached.
Not everyone has access to suitably experienced advice or a qualified Health & Safety Professional. We have provided a series of very simple guides to assist with the correct choice of PPE but without physically visiting a site to observe the actual operations it is almost impossible to give a definitive solution.

The guides below will provide a basic understanding of each product group including details on some of the more common EN Standards and relevant CE Requirements. Whilst not designed to give a direct recommendation they will at least give an indication of the questions you should be asking your supplier. With many years experience in the PPE industry UCi will be more than happy to help with any special requirements or questions you may have.

Workwear and clothingWorkwear and clothing

Hearing protectionHearing protection


Work at heightWork at height

Head protectionHead protection

Hand and arm protectionHand and arm protection


Respiratory protectionRespiratory protection