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Glove TypesGlove Types

The days when you needed a “pair of gloves” to protect you at work have long since disappeared. Today such a simplistic approach would be a recipe for disaster, leaving the employer open to prosecution, punitive damages and possibly corporate manslaughter charges.

glovetypesFortunately the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) industry has kept pace with relevant changes in the law and Harmonised European Standards to provide a huge if sometimes confusing array of PPE to cover almost every situation. The range of hand protection available is now so varied that what was once a simple choice is now one of the most important decisions in the

Founded in 1986 Ultimate Industrial has been dealing with hand protection for almost 30 years and is ideally suited to providing cost effective hand protection with a comprehensive range covering everything from leather to advanced composite styles.

A brief guide to some of the most relevant information and standards is provided in this guide to assist with preliminary selection which we are happy to discuss when ordering. We can also visit the point of use to assist with product selection and offer distributors basic training on all our products. Copies of CE Certificates are available for immediate download for ALL our products whenever needed along with our own Technical Data Sheets. 

Our hand protection guide - Download  adobe PDF icon