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[UltiMesh Disposable Masks]

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New ULTIMESH™ Series Disposable Face Masks

[UltiMesh Disposable Masks]

The new series of ULTIMESH™ disposable respirators have been developed with a lightweight and durable bonded shell to maintain shape, prevent collapse and support the filter mechanism allowing a low breathing resistance. With a completely metal free design, our ULTIMESH™ FFP2V and FFP3V masks are approved and certified to EN149:2001+A1:2009.

All our masks have colour coded retail boxes, with colour coded straps and/or valves to allow easy identification of protection levels. Yellow are our lowest protection masks at FFP1 NR, followed by blue FFP2 NR and finally our highest protection FFP3 NR identifiable in red. Some of our masks have now arrived in brand new colour coded retail boxes, with the remaining styles to follow soon.

Did you know?
All our safety masks conform to EN149 specifications.

Our certification, datasheets and EC Declarations for all styles are available to be viewed or downloaded online. Samples are available on request.

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